Kioti Tractor Information

Kioti is the brand name for Daedong tractors sold in markets outside of South Korea. Kioti Tractor is part of the Daedong Corporation, which is headquartered in Daegu, South Korea. Daedong was founded in 1947, and it began producing tractors in 1968. Since then, Daedong has expanded into a variety of other farm and agriculture equipment. 

In 1986 Kioti introduced their line of Daedong compact tractors in the United States market.  In 1993 Daedong-USA, Inc was formed to distribute Kioti tractors in the USA.  They are headquartered in North Carolina.  Kioti Canada, a subsidiary of Daedong-USA, Inc., was established in 2018 with a distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Kioti marketed their compact tractors as being similar to Kubota but with a lower price tag.  They became a popular brand and established a large dealer network in the United States (around 500 dealers).  Kioti became known mostly for its compact and subcompact tractors but is now expanding into compact construction equipment.    

Their bright orange compact tractors bore a similar look and design to Kubota.  Kubota had a manufacturing plant in South Korea (in partnership with Daedong) which failed and was closed.  Daedong used the Kubota design as a starting point for their first compact tractors.  Kioti changed the design Not true when you try to get parts but there are many similarities.  Kubota and Kioti have a tense relationship.  They directly compete for the United States compact tractor market. Kubota remains ahead of Kioti with a larger market share and larger dealer network. 

Kioti is pronounced “coyote,” and features the emblematic coyote on its brand logo.   Their choice of paint color and hood shape decal got them sued by Kubota for trademark infringement.  The lawsuit was settled out of court and resulted in no change to Kioti’ s looks. 

Kioti tractors are manufactured in South Korea and China.  The majority use Daedong engines but as a result of a partnership with Perkins, some larger models feature Perkins engines.   

The 1980’s and 1990’s model Kioti compact tractors were the LB and LK series.  LB1714, LB1914, LB2202, LB2204, LB2214, LB2614, LK2552, LK2554, LK3052, LK3054, LK3504.  They were basic compact tractors without many bells and whistles but very strong and built to last.  The Daedong TD1300 and TD1400 were popular engines found in these models. 

In the 2000’s Kioti began adding more features and branching out into subcompact and larger size tractors with the CK and DK series.  The larger DK series was introduced in the early 2000’s and became very popular.    Made from 1999 into 2022, this flexible midsize compact utility tractor line went through many updates and design changes.   

Early models include DK35, DK40, DK45, DK50, DK55, DK65, DK75, DK90.  Size ranged from 28 to 78 horsepower.  Most used the Daedong series of engines 3A165, 4A200 and 4A220.  The DK65, DK75 and DK 90 featured 4-cylinder Perkins engines.  

The DX series evolved into the EX series in 2016.  Consistent as always, they featured Daedong 3B183, 4A200, 4A220 and 4B243 engines.  The EX line-up included the EX35, EX40, EX45 and EX50.  

In 2007 Kioti came out with the DK35SE, DK40SE, DK45SE in HST and cab options.  The had the new Daedong engines 3B183, 4A200, 4A220LWH and 4B243LWH.   

2014 brought another updated DK series – the DK10.  Models included the DK4510, DK5510, DK5510.  As usual, Kioti continued with Daedong engines, the updated 3F183 3-cylinder turbo diesel.  Horsepower ranged from 45 to 55hp with manual transmissions and optional cab.  In 2018 an updated DK10SE series rolled out. 

In the 2000’s Kioti came out with the CK series as a small to mid-size compact tractor line (17-38 hp).  It proved very popular, being produced for over 20 years.  Initial models were the CK20, CK25 and CK30 in gear and hydrostatic versions.  All featured a Daedong 3-cylinder diesel engine.  In 2014 the CK10 series arrived on the market.  New models included the CK2510, CK2810, CK3010, CK3510. 

In 2009 Kioti introduced its budget friendly line of “economy” tractors, the DS series.  There were only four models – DS3510, DS4110, DS4510 and DS4510 HS.  These bare bones models still featured the beefy Daedong 4A200 engine.  This line was discontinued in 2016. 

In 2012, Kioti introduced first of the CS series of subcompact tractor.  These smaller tractors could easily maneuver into tight places and where still powerful enough to take on tough jobs. The CS line of tractors featured 3-cylinder diesel Shibaura S773L engines which was a big change from the standard Daedong engine line-up.  

Models ranged from 21 to 26 horsepower and had gear or hydrostatic transmissions. The CS series was made from 2012 to 2016.  Models include the CS2210, CS2410 and CS2510.  In 2020 Kioti came out with the CS2520 and CS2220 which had a Daedong 3C100 engines thus ending their line of Shibaura engines. 

The NX Series is announced in 2013 which was Kioti’s larger line of compact utility tractors with optional cabs.  They ranged from 45 to 60 horsepower and featured the 3F183T engine.  It was a 3-cylinder turbocharged diesel Daedong engine. Models where available with synchro shuttle and hydrostatic transmission.  The line-up included the NX4510, NX5010, NX5510 and NX6010. 

The Kioti RX series (2011 and up) is a versatile line of utility tractors with lots of options.  Size ranges from 59 to 76 horsepower.  Engines are all Daedong 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines, mostly the 4B243T.   They are available with synchronized, power Shuttle and power shuttle with creeper transmissions and a choice of ROPS or Cab.  Models include RX6010, RX6030, RX6620, RX7030, RX7320, RX7620 and RX8030. 

Introduced in 2014, the PX series is Kioti’ s largest size of tractors with a range of 91 to 110 horsepower.   Kioti strayed from the traditional Daedong engine on the PX series. This series features 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines by both Perkins and Doosan.  Transmissions are synchro-shuttle and power shuttle.  Models include the PX9020, PX9530PC, PX1053PC and PX1153PC. 

In 2020, the CX Series is introduced with two ROPs models – the CX2510 and CX2510 HST. They have 25hp, 3-cylinder diesel engines with manual or HST transmissions.  

In 2021, KIOTI Tractor debuted the NS Series with 5 new models – the NS4710, the NS4710H, the NS5310H, the NS 6010 and the NS 6010H. 

Kioti is known primarily for compact tractors.  But in addition to their own extensive line of tractors, Kioti has a line of mowers, utility vehicles, implements and combines.   In 2021 Kioti announced its next venture will be into construction equipment with a line of compact track loader and skid steers.